Why join the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce?

Our mission is to connect and engage the Beachwood community through business development, networking and multiple other opportunities. One of the biggest reasons businesses join our chamber is to interact with other businesses in the area. To that end, we offer a variety of networking events throughout the year, on top of our monthly signature events.

The Beachwood Chamber of Commerce offers numerous member-only benefits for businesses, non-profits, non-business residents and government agencies all at a reasonable cost. Our members have the opportunity to realize several cost savings benefits. Members are eligible for discounts in Health Insurance, Workers Compensation Premium, Office Supply Discount, Energy Savings for Business and Personal, Marketing Discounts, FedEx Shipping, Payment System Service, and Technology Savings.

Additionally, being a chamber member brings credibility to your business as research shows that a consumer is more likely to purchase goods and services from a chamber member.

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