What are the office hours?2020-10-05T22:53:52-04:00

Our hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 1 PM, but due to Covid, our office is currently closed. Please call us at 216-831-0003

What are the benefits of the chamber?2020-10-05T22:54:44-04:00
What is the price of membership?2020-10-05T22:55:18-04:00

Review Our Pricing Page

What does a chamber do?2020-10-05T22:55:36-04:00

Our mission is to connect and engage the Beachwood community through business development, networking and multiple other opportunities. One of the biggest reasons businesses join our chamber is to interact with other businesses in the area.

Is a chamber of commerce worth joining?2020-10-05T22:55:52-04:00

Yes! With reasonable membership costs, most businesses see the value and believe that it is well worth it.

Do you do certificates of origin?2020-10-06T20:20:47-04:00

Yes. Please email us at director@beachwood.org or call us at 216-831-0003.

Do you do ribbon cuttings?2020-10-06T20:21:07-04:00

Yes. Please email us at director@beachwood.org or call us at 216-831-0003

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